Koa Coffee and Blockhead, A Happy Combo

Affiliate Disclosure: When readers of my blog and/or listeners of my podcast make an online purchase through the links I have provided, I receive commissions through ShareASale, ranging from 5% to 20% within a 30-90 day period. If there are any issues with the affiliate links that the reader and/or listener may experience, please do not hesitate to contact me through the comments section and I will adjust the links accordingly to serve you and the companies better. -YFB

…Just trying to “keep it real” and keep the FTC happy, readers! I recently listened to a great episode of the Side Hustle Nation podcast (that I DO NOT have an affiliate relationship with, I just like the show), and I realized that keeping my affiliate relationship with the companies I blog and/or podcast about as “clear and conspicuous” as possible is a MUST and a ‘best practice’ in my new chosen field of affiliate marketing. I admit it: I am still a ‘newborn’ when it comes to blogging and podcasting, and I have a lot to learn. I make mistakes quite often in both realms…which is probably why I am going to have to keep my career in teaching for a while!

Today, I wanted to take a few minutes to share some thoughts with you about one of my absolute favorite companies to promote! By the way: **More Disclaimer** (insert the applause and ‘Oh Joy’s’ here): Koa Coffee pays out the highest commissions out of all the affiliates I have (20%).

Rest assured, that is not why I am promoting it today. The simple reason: I have a blast promoting them! Not to mention, I just received the Private Reserve brew delivered to my door yesterday, and I see this more as a win for THEM than for myself.

…and it allows for ‘Story Time with Blockhead”!

***taking a sip of my Koa Coffee roast as I write…***

In one of my older podcast episodes, I shared the short story of the first time I tried Koa Coffee in 2006 at Pearl Harbor during my first few months in the Navy. I had spent overnight liberty by myself somewhere in Oahu in a hotel I couldn’t possibly remember the name of. I just know I HAD to have a brief reprieve from the ship.

The next morning, I got a cup of coffee from a dispenser in the lobby that had the decal “Koa Coffee” on it. The name of the coffee I DO remember, simply because it smelled like Folgers to me and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I was momentarily reprimanded when I returned to my ship. I was supposed to be back onboard and at work at 0800 (8am), but I had only heard the ship announcement: “Be back no later than 1200.” My Koa Coffee did not save me for being onboard at 1000 (10am), 2 hours late for work. Haha!

3 years go by, and I would often take the trolley from Harborside, San Diego to La Mesa, again, by myself to “recharge my batteries” and let my creative juices flow either at Guitar Center or Barnes and Noble. I am very much a person that often craves his alone time whenever he can get it. The only reason I share this is because for some stupid reason, I bought a book called Start and Run a Coffee Bar by Tom Matzen and Marybeth Harrison, which was not at all a REAL dream I ever had…

Now, I have to privilege to promote Koa Coffee on my blog and my podcast and not have to suffer the headache of owning a startup coffee bar, running on ‘high hopes’.

If you would like to try the Kona Coffee that I am drinking in these pictures, that Forbes has often described as “The Best In America”, then follow the link below to order the brew of your choosing, ground or bean:


Again, I apologize if I have not provided clarity for my readers in the past about my current affiliates, such as Koa Coffee and others. I fully intend to further educate myself in affiliates sales via blogging and podcasting, and I sincerely want to serve the companies I have to privilege to promote and serve my readers well!

Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work by Timothy Keller with Katherine Leary Alsdorf states that our work should be to serve others, not ourselves…and this is not easy to master even though making money is not why I started blogging back when MySpace made the Earth go ‘round. A direct quote from the book informs the reader that “trusting anything to deliver the control, security, significance, satisfaction, and beauty that only the real God can give…means turning a good thing into an ultimate thing.” (132)

This kind of insight is allowing me to find a thriving professional and balance personal life, and I thank my readers and listeners for being part of that journey with me!

Have a blessed day!

-Your Favorite Blockhead


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