He-Man Fanatic/Nostalgic

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A couple of nights ago, Kevin “Brother Sin” Surnear from the 8192 The Truth podcast was a guest on my little podcast, also entitled, “Your Favorite Blockhead“. We started off discussing He-Man, and I was ecstatic when we got into the characters that were a big part of my childhood, albeit Peanuts has been the most influential characters that have been the most definitive in my life. If you wish to listen to that particular episode, the link is below:


… Fast forward to yesterday: I sat down to draw some comic strip art for their podcast, and the final product resides on the wall of Instagram:

…again, fast forward to yesterday evening: Blockhead took the time after the Super Bowl to watch the episode of the Netflix series Kevin had mentioned called The Toys that Made Us. Episode 3 discusses in depth the epic rise of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe during the 80’s and the ‘bust’ period of the late 80’s. This series for He-Man fanatics is a MUST WATCH!

Later that evening, I found myself searching Twitter for Power-Con 2018, which resulted in this re-tweet:

There is just no denying at this point that the empire of MOTU stills allows males ages 25-up to “have the Power”!



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