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Affiliate Disclosure: When readers of this blog make an online purchase through the links provided, I receive  a commission ranging from 3% to 20% within a 30-90 day period. If there are any issues with the affiliate links that the reader may experience, please do not hesitate to contact me through the comments section and I will adjust the links accordingly to serve you and the companies better. -YFB

Spreaker’s blog has called podcasting and storytelling “the perfect marriage”. This is probably why Blockhead has fervently believed that a podcast would be the alternate vehicle that can help my message reach more of you and would be an entertaining and enlightening continuation of my blog:

I have been blogging since 2006, and I honestly never knew that telling my story and sharing my views in a passive manner could ever become more than a hobby and eventually evolve into a career I would want to pursue.

Today, I consider it a privilege to be an official affiliate for several credible companies that I am promoting via social media, my blog and my podcast. If you wish to consider utilizing an Echo Dot (2nd Generation) as a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play podcasts on Spreaker and other platforms out there, consider buying one through my affiliate link below:

Also, I have recently picked up an old hobby of mine from years back: drawing comic strip art. The next official monetary goal Blockhead has is to utilize my affiliate sales from my blog and my podcast in order to create custom-made t-shirts with my artwork front and back:

I’m considering having hashtags and my Twitter address around the sleeves:



At least you the reader are aware that YFB is pursuing blogging and podcasting seriously these days and is excited about the opportunity to monetize his running-on 13 year blog. Michael Hyatt, Tim Ferriss, and several other well-known names out there have all said the same thing: the beginner stage for anyone wishing to monetize a blog is affiliate sales like Amazon Associates or collective websites like Commission Junction and ShareASale.

If anything in this blog is starting to ‘scratch your entrepreneurial itch’ and affiliate sales sounds like the route for you, I strongly encourage you to read the book Platform by Michael Hyatt to learn from the master of blogging himself! Follow my affiliate link below to find out for yourself:

As always, being vulnerable with his audience and attempting to truly ‘live the dream’ is what Blockheads do best!



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