Using Affiliate Marketing in your Podcast: A Lesson from YFB

*Affiliate Disclosure: When readers of my blog make an online purchase through the links I have provided, I receive commissions at no extra cost to you.*

What’s happening, friends! It’s Your Favorite Blockhead here once again.

This blog is intended to be a brief instructional tool for all of you that have your own podcast, but you are just getting started out and are not quite sure how to make passive income with your show.

After spending substantial time listening to podcasts like Side Hustle Nation and Rachel Rofe’s “19 Ways To Monetize Your Podcast”, I have come to the overwhelming conclusion that affiliate marketing in podcasting is just not as common NOR as widely desired as sponsorships. Granted, I do believe that nowadays a sponsor is the #1 route for podcasters these days. But, for us ‘newbies’ in podcasting, affiliate sales is a great idea! I promise! Now, if you will allow me some time, I will elaborate…

Affiliate sales seems to be more common for bloggers. Michael Hyatt describes the process thoroughly in his book, Platform: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from the Making Sense of Cents blog is rocking the affiliate marketing via blogging world right now! Yet, after spending years blogging as a hobby in a Society and Culture style, I figured that podcasting and blogging would be a good match for me.

Spreaker, the podcast hosting website that I use for my show, confirmed my beliefs in 2017 when they posted a blog on Twitter stating that blogging and podcasting are “the perfect marriage”. The time had come for me to apply to some affiliate marketing sites and learn the business!

The two websites that I have been using since I started my affiliate sales journey via my podcast are Commission Junction and the latter, ShareASale, is my favorite and most successful thus far! Whether you have a website, blog, podcast or are an email marketer…or all of the above, I personally recommend ShareASale! This is the website for this blog that I wish to discuss in some detail with you.

ShareASale, a partner with AWin, is a website for both affiliate and merchants where you can apply to promote a wide variety of products and services online. Listed below are the merchants that I currently promote as an affiliate with my podcast, blog and social media:

Easy Canvas Prints:
Five Finger Tees:

Notice what I just did? There is a link provided that I made with the free link managing website, Bitly, allowing you to click on each product and/or company I promote so that you can browse through and see if you either want to make a purchase or you might want to possible promote one of these. Pretty Link is more highly recommended these days.

Maybe you would like to apply to all of them…

If so, good for you! You are well on your way to beginning your affiliate marketing journey alongside Your Favorite Blockhead.

This is my affiliate link for Share A Sale:

Sign up as an affiliate and you are right in business, friends! The great thing about Share A Sale is that you can look into “Rankings” when you browse categories. You can click the “Power Rank” icon and see the current Top 100 merchants. As of now, the top 10 ranked merchants are as follows:

  1. Zen Business
  2. Cricut
  3. Brooklinen
  4. Reebok
  5. Spanx
  6. Minted
  7. Optics Planet, Inc.
  8. Proozy
  9. Layla Sleep
  10. Brooklyn Bedding

Once you are signed into ShareASale, you can click the button on the right side of any of these merchants that says, “Join Program”. YFB DOES NOT promise you that every program you apply to will accept you. In my own experience, for every 5 ‘no’s’, I would get 1 ‘yes’. Be prepared for rejection, but have fun with the merchants you get to promote on your show!

Suggestion: ALWAYS share deals/coupons that are provided by merchants for your listeners. This shows the listener that you care about them and that this is a small “thank you” from you, the host. For instance, whenever I promote UrthBox, I always encourage listeners to use the coupon code: SNACKBOX10

That code saves my listeners $10 on their order of UrthBox!

Once you record a podcast, copy and paste the Bitly or Pretty Link for your affiliates in the description and be sure and test it to make sure that the website opens in a different browser. Finally, sit back and enjoy as listeners click the links, browse and potentially buy the products and/or merchants you spoke about in your show!

Pros: It is free for you to promote Share A Sale and any merchant that gives you a ‘go-ahead’ with affiliate sales. It is of no cost to the company for you to promote them, and you helped these companies make sales, and you receive a commission, ranging from 3-20% within a 30-90 day period, depending on the agreements in your affiliate relationship policy.

There are two other affiliate hosting sites that I have used that are more accommodating if you happen to be a more avid blogger than a podcaster: Commission Junction and Rakuten Marketing.

Cons: Passive income DOES mean passive. Unlike with sponsorships, payments, merchandise and benefits are not presented up-front. A sale must take place first before you, the affiliate, get credit for the sale by means of a commission.

…Well, I hope this blog gets all of you started in affiliate marketing by use of your own podcast! Comment below if you need me to elaborate further! Best of luck to all of you!



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