YFB The Podcast – Episode 75: Jon Jones Stole Heat from Chael, Douglas Lima and a Dog… Plus, Transitioning from MMA to WWE? It’s an uphill battle.

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Welcome back to the Your Favorite Blockhead’s blog!

We meet again, Blockheads! If you have not noticed, I am presenting my newest podcast episode in a different format this time.

I have decided to implement one of the ‘best practices’ that I should have followed two years ago. Tim Ferriss and Spreaker’s blog have been trying to convince the podcasting world to create the ‘perfect’ marriage of podcasting and blogging. The marketing guru, Seth Godin, recently stated that podcasting “is the new blogging”.

That’s really what podcasting is: an audio blog.

As yours truly has reached episode #75, YFB will be including the notes I have for this podcast for readers and listeners alike to see. Enjoy, readers and podcast fans!



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  • 15 million Americans will watch 1 NFL playoff game; 80 million + in Brazil watch a UFC event (especially for their own Brazilian fighters)
    • I now agree with Machida being co-main event at Hawaiian venue – McFarlane as main event, catering to Hawaiian natives Saturday – Josh Thomsen remembers BJ Penn at Rumble on the Rock
  • Brent Primus: MMA Fighting.com interview – “He didn’t want to go one round with me the first time.”
  • Jon Jones: “I despise you for taking the heat away from Chael and Douglas Lima!”

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  • Cannot defend DC having a Twitter war with JJ, and I feel bad for Gus, Nunes and the rest of the card
    • Re-location of venue, Gus has to sit in traffic as he cut weight, Herb Dean backs out??
  • Fan Request: transitioning from MMA to WWE
    • YouTube video: Why I don’t watch wrestling anymore
    • YFB still enjoys documentaries/shoots (Chris Leben, Jake Roberts, etc.)

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Hope you enjoyed this podcast and the new availability to the notes, Blockheads!

We will see who gets a free T-shirt soon! Happy New Year!



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