Episode 76: Attention ‘Getters’ and Narrative in MMA

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Welcome back to the show! It has been a minute, and I have no excuse except for the back-to-school rush and a busy schedule. Click the audio link below to take a listen:

First affiliate promo: Ticket Hot – http://bit.ly/TicketHot

Scripture of the Day: Isaiah 55: 9 – “Just as the heavens are higher than the Earth, so My ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.”

  • His Kingdom view results in your internal reality shaping your outward experiences
    • For my listeners, I admit to enjoying having some “mystique”, but only He has a mysterious nature for all eternity
  • Affiliate marketing is a real option for podcasters
  • The Blockhead community online is widening – 8192, Dos Leprechauns, Beyond Retro and Fans of Power, Sports Life Talk, Dallas on Air and Automatic Man show
  • Attention-getters apply in proper storytelling and YFB needs to communicate that better for the listeners
    • Monday Night Football – 1970’s storytelling for mothers and casual fans

Second affiliate promo: Serta Mattress – http://bit.ly/Sertayfb

  • Chael Sonnen and Tito Ortiz
  • Chael foretells current day MMA: “Words Matter”
    • Mickey Gall calls his shots and got Diego Sanchez
    • Max Holloway vs. Tony Ferguson – call-outs working in their favor
  • Jon Jones may be ‘clean’, but YFB is tired of being hit on the pitcher’s mound
  • UFC 235 card is STACKED! – Askren vs. Lawler, Jeremy Stephens, Woodley vs. Usman, Holly Holm, OSP…
  • Frank Mir debuting at WrestleMania – Brock needs to have the stare-down with Mir

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