Episode 78: #LikeChristMasculinity

**This blog contains affiliate links. If the reader clicks the link and makes a purchase, I receive a commission.**

Welcome back, Blockheads!

Here is the newest episode of the show, along with notes and affiliate links:

1st affiliate plug: Barbasol Shaving Cream and Razors –  http://bit.ly/Barbasolyfb

Scripture of the Day: Isaiah 66: 2 – “I will bless those who have humble and contrite hearts.”

  • Being prideful is a false assumption, an overestimation of our own abilities.
    • We need to not be arrogant by keeping Him at arms’ length. We should approach Him as an empty vessel praying to be filled and he will overflow in you daily.
  • Only Gillette razors at Kroger as a result? …of #ToxicMasculinity
  • Craig Groeschel series, “Fight” dives deep into the study of Samson in Judges 15: 15-16
  • “Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series” – “Take it, Wild-Wing!”
    • #LikeChristMasculinity

2nd affiliate plug: EarHoox (Code: TRIO20) – http://bit.ly/earhooxyfb

    • Plug for artist Kevin Sharpe: https://www.facebook.com/kevinsharpeart/
    • Charles Schulz was an admirer of the film Citizen Kane
      • Blockhead appreciates A Face in the Crowd
      • Nobody buys Conor’s Proper Twelve whiskey because they respect him
        • Not enough fans respect Stipe nor purchase Modelo beer
  • Fedor vs. Snooze-fest Bader
  • Ragin’ Al Iaquinta

3rd affiliate plug: TruDog – http://bit.ly/TruDogYFB


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