Episode #96: “No Two Fights Look the Same”

**This blog/podcast contains affiliate links. If you click on the links and make a purchase, I receive a commission at no extra cost to you.**

Enjoy Episode #96! -YFB

Serta Mattress link: http://bit.ly/Sertayfb

Scripture of the Day: Matthew 10: 42 – “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”

This is not referring to children in a literal sense. ‘These little ones’ includes the apostles, prophets, and righteous men…because they are all targets of the world’s enmity.

“When every day is just another struggle and every choice is an act of war…gotta pray, gotta press on to the prize worth fighting for.”

  • No two ‘podcasts’ look the same on this show
  • The “Daddy Loves You” story

Curiosity Stream link: http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-8978304-13751900

Quote in title: “There are no guarantees in MMA except…”

  • Bellator 222

2nd quote: “I look at their eyes.”

  • Aaron Pico defeated by undefeated Adam Borics

Kamaru Usman vs. Colby ‘Copper-Top’ Covington

  • Negative voltage and spontaneity = Colby

Century Martial Arts (Code: SAVE10): http://shrsl.com/1nouu



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