Episode #108: “Tito Ortiz Is As Relevant As A Throw-Away Camera”

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Here is Episode #108, Blockhead Nation! This one has many interesting twists! -YFB

Yogi’s Podcast Network: https://yogispodcastnetwork.com/

Dos Leprechauns: http://bit.ly/DosLeprechaunsiTunes

Armor Concepts link (Code: afHAL15): http://shrsl.com/1vmih

Scripture of the Day: Genesis 32:24 – “This left Jacob all alone in the camp, and a man came and wrestled with him until the dawn began to break.”

  • Confusing story? Not really. When we are left alone, we wrestle with God, too. Regrets, vices, etc.
    • Painful but purposeful

Lazy: A Manifesto by Tim Kreider

Trudog link: http://shrsl.com/1vmij

Honor the victims of 10/12

Athletic article by Josh Gross – “UFC will always have bankable stars”

Tito Ortiz fight is confirmed in Combate Americas

Clear the runway, Discover Pods Awards! YFB for “Most Innovative Podcast”:


Blade Tap link (Code: TAPITCLEAN): http://shrsl.com/1vmil



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