Episode #128: YFB on The Curiosity Channel Podcast

*This podcast episode is sponsored by Fruit of the Bean Coffee. Check them out: https://fruitofthebean.com/.*

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This week, YFB joined his dear friend and mentor, Paul O’Rear, who is the host of the new OUTSTANDING podcast called The Curiosity Channel!

Enjoy the show and subscribe to Paul’s podcast and become a Curiosity Ninja!

The Curiosity Channel page: https://curiositychannel.ninja/

The Curiosity Channel Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/curiosity8901

Original episode of YFB on The Curiosity Channel podcast: https://curiositychannel.ninja/004-your-favorite-blockhead/

And as always, I ALWAYS promote my networks on the blog:

Yogi’s Podcast Network: https://yogispodcastnetwork.com/

Dos Leprechauns Media: https://dosleprechauns.com/


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