Episode #146: Kim Adragna of ‘The Grindhouse Radio’

*This episode is sponsored by Narrative.fm’s ‘In The Wild’ podcast and MyFeed.*

Happy 4th of July to all of you! This week, YFB has a fantastic time talking with another member of Long Island’s infamous roundtable, The Grindhouse Radio: Kim Adragna!

All links for Kim and GHR are available below for the Blockhead Nation to explore:

GHR Website

GHR on iHeartRadio

GHR on Apple Podcasts

GHR YouTube

The Magic KimTom podcast

Kim’s Instagram

Kim’s Linktree

Kim’s Twitter

Kim’s Facebook

GHR Instagram

Be sure and don’t forget to check out the YFB Podcast Networks:

Yogi’s Podcast Network

Dos Leprechauns



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