Episode #94: The Current Best/Most Memorable Ground ‘n Pound

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Hello again, Blockhead nation! You know the drill.

Almost to #100! -YFB

Yogi’s Podcast Network link: https://yogispodcastnetwork.com/

Dos Leprechauns on iHeartRadio: http://bit.ly/DosLeprechaunsiHeart

TruDog link: http://bit.ly/TruDogYFB

Clearing up misconceptions/slips of the tongue from previous episodes

  • ‘kitty litter’, “Is This Goodbye, Charlie Brown?” – catering service
  • Yes, the Series’ will be on the same podcast channel

Chael killed his own narrative with Bas Rutten

UrthBox link (Code: URTHBOX10): http://bit.ly/UrthBoxYFB

Most memorable current day ground ‘n pound: Khabib

Best is often TBD: “Triple C: Condit, Cerrone, Cejudo”, RDA, JDS, Kelvin

Who’s Who: Jack ‘Joker’ Hermannson

Anthony Smith submission record makes for interesting Gus fight

eMeals link: http://bit.ly/eMealsYFB


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